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Authors: Howard H. Aiken (1900-1973) & Grace Hopper (1906-1992)
Harvard's Mark I, the first digital computer, put in service. Officially known as the "IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator'' (ASCC), the Mark I was 50 feet long and weighed about 5 tons.
Mediaitems: Howard Aiken portrait, History of Computing: Harvard Mark I, Howard Aiken's Harvard Mark I, The "Mark I'' IBM ASCC, Aiken biography
Category: Technology
Author: Howard Wainer (1943-)
Comparative experimental test of histogram, hanging histogram and hanging rootogram
Mediaitem: Wainer portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Howard Wainer (1943-) & Mark Reiser
"Cartesian rectangle'' to represent 2 x 2 table, experimentally tested against other forms
Mediaitem: Wainer portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Mark Monmonier (1943-)
Geographic correlation diagram, showing the bivariate relation between two spatially referenced variables using vectors to represent geographic covariation
Mediaitem: Monmonier bio
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Mark D. Apperley & Robert Spence (1933-)
An initial, modern suggestion of a method for viewing a large database by the use of selective focus around a central region, using distortion to provide a context.
Mediaitem: Bifocal display
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Mark Monmonier (1943-)
Visibiltiy Base Map, a map of the United States where areas are adjusted to provide a readily readable platform for area symbols for smaller states, such as Delaware and Rhode Island, with compensating reductions in the size of larger states
Mediaitems: Monmonier portrait, US Visibility Map
Category: Cartography
Authors: Graham Wills & P. Craig & J. Haslett & Mark Monmonier (1943-) & Antony Unwin
Statistical graphics interactively linked to map displays
Mediaitems: REGARD image: largest annual oil flows into EU, 1977--1990, Unwin portrait
Category: Cartography