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Author: Herman Helmholtz (1821-1894)
Discovery of time course of muscle action and nerve impulses by graphical methods.
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Category: Technology
Author: Herman Hollerith (1860-1929)
Invention of the punched card for use in a machine to tabulate the USA Census (in 1890). Hollerith's company eventually became IBM
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Category: Technology
Authors: R. M. Goldwyn (1936-1994) & J. H. Siegel & Herman P. Friedman (c. 1930-2010)
Irregular polygon ("star plot'') to represent multivariate data (with vertices at equally spaced intervals, distance from center proportional to the value of a variable) [but see Georg von Mayr in 1877 cite[S. 78]{vonMayr:1877} for first use]
Mediaitems: Star plot, description and example, Star plot of crime rates in US cities
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Herman Chernoff (1923-)
Cartoons of human face to represent multivariate data
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Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Herman Chernoff (1923-) & M. H. Rizvi
Experiment showing random permutations of features used in Chernoff's faces affect error rate of classification by about 25 percent
Mediaitem: Chernoff faces
Category: Statistics & Graphics