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Author: Tycho Brahe (1546-1601)
Improvements in instruments for accurately measuring positions of stars and planets, providing the most accurate catalog on which later discoveries (e.g., Kepler's laws) would be based
Mediaitems: Parallax diagram, Tycho Brahe's wall quadrant, Tycho Brahe portrait, Galileo project summary of Brahe, Tycho Brahe biography, Tycho Brahe "home page''
Category: Technology
Author: Michael F. van Langren (1598-1675)
First visual representation of statistical data: variations in determination of longitude between Toledo and Rome
Mediaitem: Langren image
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Jean Talon (1626-1694)
First modern complete demographic census, a record of each individual by name of the 3215 inhabitants of New France
Mediaitems: The great intendant: A chronicle of Jean Talon in Canada (e-book), Jean Talon biography from Statistics Canada, Commentary on first Canadian census by Dan
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: William Petty (1623-1687)
Use of statistics for international comparisons, e.g., London vs. Rome and London vs. Paris, compared in people, housing, hospitals, etc.
Mediaitem: Petty portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Johanes Tobias Mayer (1723-1762) & Rogerius Josephus Boscovich (1711-1787)
Beginnings of the estimation of $m$ unknown quantities from $n$ emipirical equations (where $n > m$), taking account of the possibility of errors in the observations (later supplanted by the method of least squares)
Mediaitems: Boscovich portrait, Mayer biography, Boscovich biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Johann Friedrich von Charpentier (1738-1805)
Geological map (distribution of soils, minerals)
Mediaitem: von Charpentier bio blurb (german)
Category: Cartography
Author: Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)
Charts using subdivided bar graphs, and superimposed squares, showing the relative size of Mexican territories and populations in the colonies
Mediaitems: Cross-section diagram of the Chimborazo, 1805--07, von Humboldt charts, Humboldt portrait, Humboldt portrait, Humboldt biography (French), von Humboldt biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859)
First graph of isotherms, showing mean temperature around the world by latitude and longitude. Recognizing that temperature depends more on latitude and altitude, a subscripted graph shows the direct relation of temperature on these two variables
Mediaitems: von Humboldt isotherms, Annals de Chemie et de physique, 1817, von Humboldt isotherm, von Humboldt isotherms from Berghaus' 1849 Atlas, von Humboldt isotherm icon
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Pierre-François Verhulst (1804-1849)
Development of the logistic curve, $ y = k / (1 + C e^)$, to describe the growth of human populations
Mediaitems: Verhulst bio, Pierre-Francois Verhulst et la loi logistique de la population, Verhulst portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Georg von Mayr (1841-1925)
Two-variable color map (showing the joint distribution of horses (red, vertical bars) and cattle (green, horizontal bars) in Bavaria, widths of bars $sim$ animals/km$^2$)
Mediaitem: von Mayr Portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Georg von Mayr (1841-1925)
First use of proportional, divided square in the modern (mosaic) form for data representation
Mediaitems: von Mayr's Area diagram, von Mayr portrait, Mosaic graph by Von Mayr
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Georg von Mayr (1841-1925)
First use of polar diagrams and star plots for data representation
Mediaitem: von Mayr's polar diagram
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904)
First attempt to survey, describe, and illustrate available graphic methods for experimental data
Mediaitems: Marey portrait, Chronophotographical Projections, Cinema firsts: Marey, Pioneers in Aeromodeling: E. J. Marey, Etienne Jules Marey - Movement in Light (english), Google Books: La M'ethode Graphique
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Émile Levasseur (1828-1911)
Comprehensive review of all available statistical graphics presented to the Statistical Society of London, classified as figures, maps, and solids (3D), perhaps the first mature attempt at a systematic classification of graphical forms
Mediaitems: Link to Levasseur's e-texts, Hi-res scan of Levasseur's La Statistique Graphique (15.6M), Four type of graphs illustrated by Levasseur, Area diagram comparing populations of countries to their colonies, Circle diagram of Infant mortality by month in Brussels, Population density in France in 1866
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Émile Cheysson (1836-1910)
First anamorphic maps, using a deformation of spatial size to show a quantitative variable (e.g., the decrease in time to travel from Paris to various places in France over 200 years)
Mediaitems: Cheysson portrait, Several concentric versions of France representing relative travel time, Cheysson's Biography, Anamorphic Maps
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Martin F. P. Costelloe
College course in statistical graphic methods, "The Graphic Method'' (possibly the first)
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: E. P. Cubberly (1900s)
Annual college course in statistical graphical methods
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Karl G. Karsten & A. C. Haskell & A. R. Palmer
Numerous textbooks on graphics, describing principles of graphical presentation of numerical information (published at a rate of about two each year), e.g.,
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: F. E. Croxton & J. N. Washburne & R. von Huhn
Spate of articles on experimental tests of statistical graphical forms
Mediaitems: Graphical image used by Washburne: Income, Graphical image used by Washburne: Population of Florence
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: F. E. Croxton & J. N. Washburne & R. von Huhn
Spate of articles on experimental tests of statistical graphical forms
Mediaitems: Graphical image used by Washburne: Income, Graphical image used by Washburne: Population of Florence
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Heinz Von Foerster (1911-2002)
Table of historical events drawn on logarithmic paper
Mediaitems: Table of historical events drawn on logarithmic paper, Tabular representation of logarithic timeline, von Foerster interview and logarithmic timeline, von Foerster biography
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: D. H. Leavens & F. C. Martin
"Log Square'' paper ($log y, log x$, for relations which are linear in log scales)
Category: Technology
Author: Vannevar Bush (1890-1974)
Description of a memex, an associative information retrieval system which would help someone find information based in association and context rather than strict categorical indexing; conceptual creation of "hyperlink'' and the ''World Wide Web''
Mediaitems: Bush biography (with links and images), As We May Think (e-text):
Category: Technology
Author: E. B. Fowlkes
The first well-known direct manipulation interactive system in statistics: allowed users to interactively control a power transformation in realtime for probability plotting
Category: Technology
Authors: R. M. Goldwyn (1936-1994) & J. H. Siegel & Herman P. Friedman (c. 1930-2010)
Irregular polygon ("star plot'') to represent multivariate data (with vertices at equally spaced intervals, distance from center proportional to the value of a variable) [but see Georg von Mayr in 1877 cite[S. 78]{vonMayr:1877} for first use]
Mediaitems: Star plot, description and example, Star plot of crime rates in US cities
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: David F. Andrews
Form of Fourier series to generate plots of multivariate data
Mediaitem: Fourier function plot image
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: U.S. Bureau of the Census (1903-)
Color-coded bivariate matrix to represent two intervally measured variables in a single map (Urban Atlas series)[but see Georg von Mayr in 1874 cite[Fig. XIX]{vonMayr:1874} for first use]
Mediaitem: CDC map of incidence of stomach cancer
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Stephen E. Fienberg (1942-)
"Four-Fold Circular Display'' to represent 2 x 2 table
Mediaitems: Fourfold display, Stephen Fienberg portrait, Fienberg CV and portrait, Friendly (1994) paper (.ps.gz format)
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: John Hartigan (1937-)
Scatterplot matrix, the idea of plotting all pairwise scatterplots for n variables in a tabular display
Mediaitems: Simple scatterplot matrix, Enhanced scatterplot matrix
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Deborah Swayne (1940-2006) & Di Cook (1960-) & Andreas Buja (1951-) & Forrest Young (1940-2006)
A spate of development and public distribution of highly interactive systems for data analysis and visualization, e.g., XGobi, ViSta
Mediaitems: XGobi screen shot, Swayne portrait, ViSta - The Visual Statistics System, XGobi - multivariate visualization, Young portrait
Category: Technology