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Author: Unknown
The Antikythera Mechanism is a unique Greek geared device, constructed around the end of the second century bc. It is known that it calculated and displayed celestial information, particularly cycles such as the phases of the moon and a luni-solar calendar.
Mediaitems: Antikythera, Antikythera mechanism, Antikythera front view
Category: Technology
Author: Willebrord van Roijen Snell (1580-1626)
First use of Frisius' method of trigonometric triangulation to produce locations of major cities in Holland; foundation of geodesy
Mediaitems: Snell, biographical sketch, Snellius portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Jean Talon (1626-1694)
First modern complete demographic census, a record of each individual by name of the 3215 inhabitants of New France
Mediaitems: The great intendant: A chronicle of Jean Talon in Canada (e-book), Jean Talon biography from Statistics Canada, Commentary on first Canadian census by Dan
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: John Adams (1650-1738)
A map of England showing distances between cities arranged for the use of travellers.
Mediaitem: Adams1679
Category: Cartography
Author: Valentine Seaman (1770-1817)
First maps of the incidence of disease (yellow fever), using dots and circles to show individual occurrences in waterfront areas of New York
Mediaitems: Seaman's map, Mapping disease: Seaman's maps, Origins of mortality mapping
Category: Cartography
Author: Alexandre Jean Baptiste Parent-Duchatelet (1790-1836)
Extensive data tabulation, time series, and mapping of prostitutes in Paris
Mediaitems: English translation of On prostitution in the city of Paris, Duchatelet's map showing the distribution of prostitutes in Paris, Duchatelet's map showing the origins of prostitutes in Paris
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Dmitri Mendeleev (1834-1907)
The periodic table used to classify chemical elements according to their properties, and allowing the prediction of new elements that would be discovered later.
Mediaitems: Mendeleev portrait, Mendeleev biography, Mendeleev periodic table, and other pictorial representations
Category: Other
Author: Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914)
Statistical reasoning employed to create a new system of bodily measurement, specifically for identifying criminals
Mediaitems: Bertillon images (russian), Bertillon portrait, Bertillon portrait, Science of criminal identification, Bertillon web site, Measuring the head with calipers
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904)
Graphic representation of a train schedule showing rate of travel along the route from Paris to Lyon. The method is attributed to the French engineer Ibry, but new evidence suggests that Lt. Sergeev had developed this method approximately 30 years earlier in Russia.
Mediaitems: Train schedule graphic, Marey portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: Henry Norris Russell (1877-1957) & Ejnar Hertzsprung (1873-1967)
The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, a log-log plot of luminosity as a function of temperature for stars, used to explain the changes as a star evolves. It provided an entirely new way to look at stars, and laid the groundwork for modern stellar physics and evolution, developed independently by
Mediaitems: Russell portrait, HR Diagram tutorial, Hertzsprung biography, Russell biography, Hertzprung's first 1911 graphs, early Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, modern Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Employees of New York City
Parade of statistical graphics, May 17, 1913, including large graphs on horse-drawn floats, and a photograph with people arranged in a bell-shaped curve
Mediaitem: Photograph of the Parade of Statistical Graphics
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Authors: R. M. Goldwyn (1936-1994) & J. H. Siegel & Herman P. Friedman (c. 1930-2010)
Irregular polygon ("star plot'') to represent multivariate data (with vertices at equally spaced intervals, distance from center proportional to the value of a variable) [but see Georg von Mayr in 1877 cite[S. 78]{vonMayr:1877} for first use]
Mediaitems: Star plot, description and example, Star plot of crime rates in US cities
Category: Statistics & Graphics