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Author: Edward Walter Maunder (1851-1928)
Use of the "butterfly diagram'' to study the variation of sunspots over time, leading to the discovery that they were markedly reduced in frequency from 1645--1715 (the "Maunder minimum''). [Earlier work, started in 1843 by H. Schwabe, showed that sunspots exhibit an approximately twenty-two year cycle, with each eleven-year cycle of sunspots followed by a reversal of the direction of the sun's magnetic field]
Mediaitems: Maunder's butterfly diagram, The sunspot cycle, The butterfly diagram, 1904 Butterfly Diagram: Sunspots
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Walter A. Shewhart (1891-1967)
Development of the control chart for statistical control of industrial processes
Mediaitems: Collection of web sites on Shewhart, Walter Shewhart portrait
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Walter C. Eells
Experimental test of statistical graphical forms (pie vs. subdivided bar charts)
Mediaitem: Experimental stimuli
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Edward Tufte (1942-)
Esthetics and information integrity for graphics defined and illustrated (some concepts: "data-ink ratio'', "lie factor'')
Mediaitems: Tufte portrait, Graphics and web design according to Tufte's principles
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Edward Wegman (1943-)
Statistical theory and methods for parallel coordinates plots
Mediaitems: Wegman portrait, Wegman 1990 - Fig3., Wegman 1990 - Fig8
Category: Statistics & Graphics
Author: Edward Tufte (1942-)
Sparklines: "data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics,'' designed to show graphic information inline with text and tables
Mediaitems: Sparkline of the US deficit, 1983--2003, Sparkline graphic for 4 stocks, Tufte's explanation of sparklines, Sparkline entry from Wikipedia
Category: Statistics & Graphics